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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Problems with payment

If you have problems with your payment on our website, we suggest that you take the following actions to go through with you purchase:

- If you want to make the purchase with credit card but can't use our service - try to use PayPal's express checkout where they also offer checkout with credit card and in most cases without the need to set up an PayPal account.

- If you live outside Sweden there is a higher chance that your bank is blocking your payment. In that case contact the bank where your card is issued and ask them allow you to make the purchase.

- Try all the available payment methods.

- Try a different browser or computer.

- If you still haven't managed to complete the payment, please send us an e-mail to info@beyeneclassic or call us on +46 (0) 70 914 77 20. 


2. Which countries do you deliver to?

We offer worldwide shipping with FedEx.


3. What is the delivery time?

The normal delivery time differ depending on how far the country of destination is from Sweden. If a product is out of stock or if shipment is made to remote locations, the delivery time can be longer. We ship with FedEx worldwide and Posten for Sweden and we can offer you tracking-services for all international shipments.

- Sweden: Within 1-4 business days

- Europe: Within 2-7 business days

- Rest of the world: Within 5-10 business days


4. What is your return policy?

We hope you will enjoy your new shoes from N.B.M. Beyene. If the shoes are not to your satisfaction, we are happy to help you exchange or return them. You just need to follow the steps specified in the 'Deliveries, Exchanges & Returns' section.

Keep in mind that our guarantee entitles you to return the product for any reason within14 days of having received it. You have the right to open the package and check the contents but the product must be return unused (in such a state that we can deem it fit to be restocked and resold). All original packaging, laces etc. shall be returned with the product without having been tampered with. You will receive your refund when the goods are returned to us. 

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Size Guide

To measure your foot size we recommend you to follow these steps:

  1. Place a clean sheet of paper on the floor, preferably against a wall.
  2. Place your bare foot on this sheet of paper with your heel against the wall.
  3. Use a pen/pencil to put a mark on the sheet of paper where your foot ends at the front (infront of your furthest toe). If the sheet of paper is not against a wall, we recommend that you to put a mark on the sheet of paper behind your heel as well.
  4. Repeat this process for both of your feet as the length of both feet may differ.
  5. Measure the length of the marking to the end of the sheet of the paper. If you placed two markings (one infront of your toes and the other behind your heel), measure the length between these two points.
  6. Use the measurement of your longest foot to find your recommended size in the chart below.

Example: If the measurement of your longest foot is between 27.6 cm (10.8 inches) and 28.1 cm (11.1 inches). We recommend the male size 42 EU (9 US / 8.5 UK), as the length of your foot exceeds the length measurement of size 41 EU (8 US / 7.5 UK) and is closest to size 42 EU.

 *You can always contact us either by e-mail or by phone for a size recommendation.

Size conversion chart:

Male sizes (below):

Length of foot (CM) Length of foot (Inch) Shoe size (EU)  Shoe Size (US Men) Shoe Size (UK)
24 cm 9.5 in 36 5 4.5
24.5 cm 9.7 in 37 5.5 5
25.5 cm 10 in 38 6 5.5
26 cm 10.2 in 39 6.5 6
26.5 cm 10.4 in 40 7 6.5
27.5 cm 10.8 in 41 8 7.5
28.1 cm 11.1 in 42 9 8.5
28.7 cm 11. 3 in 43 10 9.5
29.4 cm 11.6 in 44 11 10.5
30 cm 11.8 in 45 12 11.5
30.6 cm 12.1 in 46 13 12.5


Female sizes (below):

Length of foot (CM) Length of foot (Inch) Shoe size (EU)  Shoe Size (US Women) Shoe Size (UK)
24 cm 9.5 in 36 6 4
24.5 cm 9.7 in 37 7 4.5
25.5 cm 10 in 38 7.5 5
26 cm 10.2 in 39 8 5.5
26.5 cm 10.4 in 40 8.5 6.5
27.5 cm 10.8 in 41 9 7.5
28.1 cm 11.1 in 42 9.5 8.5


*This size guide only applies to our collections and is to be regarded as a recommendation and not something certain. Each individual foot is unique in shape, length and width whereupon it is not possible to give an exact perfect size guide that is individually adapted to each and everyone.